Visualizing The History of Motion Graphic Design

Petra Michael, Zoomin' on History of RPG

Petra Michael, working in class on ChronoZoom

In addition to making our way through our text book, The History of Motion Graphic Design, by Michael Betancourt, our students conducted their own research. We had the students whet their whistle on ChronoZoom by creating an ‘info bud’ based on one of their research assignments that focused on video installation pioneers. For their final research project, they conducted their online/offline research, collected and organized their visual assets, synthesized all research and assets to create cohesive “story” presentation of their topics, some created a storyboard or spreadsheet to organize the flow of their exhibit. Finally, they uploaded all of their knowledge assets to our class Cornish ChronoZoom: History of Motion Graphic Design Timeline.

Petra Michaels, History of Western Fantasy Role Playing Games

Petra Michaels’ CZ Timeline, History of Western Fantasy Role Playing Games

Their virtual ‘exhibits’ included a Bibliography, citing their sources, so that viewers can go further with their inquiry into their topics. Because the “audio tour” function of CZ was not operational, they were not able to create self guided tours. But hoping that next year, we can employ this function.

an info bud for 'The Thief and the Cobler'

detail of a timeline ‘info bud’

Each of the History of Motion Design students chose a research topic for their final research project and ChronoZoom exhibit. They included: The History of Western Fantasy Role Playing Games, Petra Michael, Early Stop Motion, Rachel Sandoffsky, The Evolution of Styles in Sci-Fi Television (1934-2004), William Kingstone, Women in Motion Graphic Design, Alicia Pucci, The Making of ‘The Thief and the Cobler’, Grant Kirkpatrick, Time in Music Videos, Jennifer Potts, The History of Puppets in Animation, Kelsey Glass and Erin Parnell, The History of the Music Video Form.


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