Our Evolving CZ User Feedback

This is the ongoing list we keep with our feedback on issues we encounter using CZ. We hope to not only share this with the team at Microsoft Research, which includes the developers at Moscow State University, but with the wider ChronoZoom user community, so that the platform can be enhanced through user engagement.

Technical bugs  we experienced:

• Trouble with “save exhibit” function

• Navigational glitches

• No trackpad scrolling inside info buds

•  Gmail account – sometimes not working/Hotmail account – OK

• Log in/Log out glitches • no scrolling, just zoom?

• depth of timeline limit – Our timeline became vertically oriented, since we had so many subtimelines. CZ seems to have a limited vertical orientation, as we are not easily able to access the bottom (title section) of our timeline.

User Interface Enhancement suggestions:

   • Cut/Paste function for creating timelines independently, then sharing on larger timeline

• More design capability (type, color background, depth, opacity, object, placement, etc…)

• Create exhibit dialogue box that lays over timeline

• More “subspace”

• Timeline within Timeline capability

• Connectivity of content in exhibits

• Wireframe Preview Mode

• More manipulation capability of info buds, subtimelines, etc…

• Zoom in/out using key command

• Ability to visually customize sub-timeline backgrounds

• Ability to create backgrounds in info buds

• Less rigid structure to info buds

• Ability to have 2 working canvases

• Ability to arrange infobuds rather than a default arrangement

• Control over line width, opacity…(graphic interface)

• Title as option inside “info bud”

• Roleover Bibliography

• Content View mode to view embedded content without moving in/out of timeline

• How to use timing on “tours”

• Connected content/asset management tool (i.e. One Note, Excel, etc…) for more fluid workflow

• Embedded Task Flow function

• color coding for content

• overall ease of manipulation of elements…


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