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Curtis Wong, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research makes his way through our ChronoZoom Timeline: The History of Motion Design Timeline

Curtis Wong, Principal Researcher at MSR travels thru our ‘History of Motion Design’ timeline

This Spring, my 3rd year Design students at Cornish College of the Arts, created an interactive, historical timeline of the History of Motion Graphic Design using ChronoZoom. Through a unique partnership with Microsoft Research, students spent the semester learning to use this dynamic, open-source tool to create virtual exhibits and share their independent research. History of Early 2D Animation, Women in Motion Design, History of Western Fantasy Role Playing Games were among the topics. More about the Cornish ChronoZoomers’ project:


Making Our Mark in History

ChronoZoom, Microsoft Research Connections

ChronoZoom, Microsoft Research Connections

I reached out to Roy Zimmerman, Director of Education and Scholarly Communication, by way of Rane Johnson Stempson, by way of Shelly Farnham…all Microsoft Researchers. He was very helpful in getting me oriented with ChronoZoom background, resources and application.  Jeff Brice and I paid Roy a visit out at Microsoft and he gave us a guided tour of the program.


ChronoZoom Project:

ChronoZoom Project:

At CZ’s current stage of development, there are 3 “layers” of usage:

  1. The first is as a highly curated, peer reviewed content source for histories (science, humanities, etc…). This content has been created by leading academics from around the country, in partnership with Msoft. It is what you see when you go to…and find the exhibits.
  2. The “ChronoZoom World”, companies, educators, students and alike, using Chronozoom to create timelines and tell stories of historic value, using less high quality (i.e. research level) content (i.e. copyrighted materials, etc…).
  3. Personal Canvas for those who are doing their own research, who want to keep their work private…until they are ready to publish and share with the world.
Roy's first to our 'History of Motion Design' class

Roy’s visit to our ‘History of Motion Design’ class

We would be working somewhere between layer 2 and layer 3 for both our classroom work sessions and final research project. I created a proposal draft for the classroom project. I poured over the online resources I could find to get up to speed with CZ (see BLOGROLL —>) and learn more about how ChronoZoom might work in my classroom. The more familiar I got with the capabilities, the better I was able to frame our history timeline project. ChronoZoom Pilot Project: Part I

  • Pair up (with your Video Installation Pioneers assignment partners) to organize and layout a plan for your assets from your presentation to create a CZ “exhibit” of your topic.
  • Assets must be imported from the cloud, the Internet or Skydrive. Keep in mind, uploading directly from your hard drive will not work.
  • Feature at least 10 assets (video, photograph, sound, text, etc…) in your “exhibit”.
  • You exhibit content is contained in 1 dot or info bud on the timeline. You want to feature your primary asset (i.e. video, main image/text) in the center of your dot. The other assets/artifacts you add to your exhibit will surround your primary asset..
  • Get acquainted with the Bibliography/citation capabilities of CZ